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Positive Response Following Treatment at Cumberland Infirmary

I have recently returned home after being an in patient at the Cumberland Infirmary.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for the care I received during three separate admissions.

I commenced my stay in Larch A/B where I was impressed with the team work, consideration and care of the staff. The speed and good humour with which they approach their work made a difficult situation less daunting and more bearable. Elderly confused patients were dealt with kindness and understanding and relatives were kept informed of the condition of the patient. I was even allowed to receive a quick phone call from my daughter in Australia which alleviated her fears.

The move to Willow C enabled me to be treated for an undiagnosed heart problem. I received excellent care and again benefitted from the humour of the staff!

The next move was to the Heart Unit where, to my utter surprise, four stents were fitted into the left anterior descending artery. I cannot praise the work of Dr Moore and his staff too highly. The procedure was not pleasant but I am now reassured that my chances of fell walking and skiing again are a great many times higher than they would have been three weeks ago! To a non medical person it appears that this new unit is both cost effective and a great life saver for the North Cumbrian community. At all times the staff were helpful, pleasant and willing to listen and sort out concerns of the patients. This atmosphere depends on excellent leadership which I witnessed on both my in patient stays. Thanks are due to the team of consultants, technicians, nurses and to Caroline Shaw.