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Patient Praises Ambulance Service

I would like to express my thanks to the Ambulance crew who twice took me into The Cumberland Infirmary during the month of April. I received sensitive and compassionate care which helped to alleviate my apprehension during unexpected ill health.

On both occasions the crew were based in Wigton. There was a male and female paramedic whose calmness, professionalism and sense of humour diffused what for me was a stressful situation. I was later discharged after four stents had been fitted into one heart artery.

The second meeting was when two female paramedics came to my home (one was the person who had taken me from Caldbeck the previous occasion). I was suffering from faintness after the first procedure. The care I received was exemplary and very professional.

I would be grateful if my thanks could be passed on to all three crew members.