Meet the Team

Hello I´m Derick Cotton – Healthwatch Cumbria Representative

Derick served a full career in the Royal Air Force and on retirement moved to the Eden Valley in 1992. He has been active since then in the Voluntary Youth Sector, local government and various community initiatives including the creation of the successful Bolton Exchange

For the past two years he has represented Healthwatch Cumbria helping to tackle the long standing car parking issues at Carlisle Infirmary and West Cumbria Hospital, Whitehaven. More recently he has joined the Transport Enabling and Advisory Group working with the Success Régime.

Derick is keenly aware of the issues suffered by those living in our remote rural communities – most facing immense transport difficulties when needing to access services. He particularly champions the needs of relatives and carers who are often forgotten when it comes to meeting their needs, given their important role as part of the support and recovery process.