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‘HIP’ Hurray to our National Health Service and The Carlisle Hospital

I was diagnosed as needing a hip replacement in September 2011 by my GP Dr Hooper in Keswick. I was treated with painkillers, which initially worked well until it was agreed in Feb 2012 that a replacement would be advisable.

I visited the Cumberland Infirmary for checks, x rays and discussions with the Consultant, Miss C Young, and was admitted for surgery on FRIDAY, June 8th. I had previously been advised about aids to mobility etc and various items; toilet seat lifter, chair and bed raising frames, a grabber and sock putter on were available from my local pharmacy.

Miss Young did the operation that afternoon and the following morning a physio arrived and instructed me on using a zimmer frame. On Sunday he returned, took away the frame and presented me with crutches and told me to walk about. Monday saw me learning to climb stairs, get milk out of the fridge and dos and don’ts. I was discharged that evening. I have since returned to the hospital for checkups and X-rays to assess progress.

The whole experience has been first class, the care and attention shown by all members of the hospital team, including cleaners and catering was excellent and I have no criticisms whatsoever.

However I do criticise the media who pick up on any bad news story and blow it out of all proportion.

HIP HURRAY to our National Health Service and The Carlisle hospital in particular.

Jonathan Brooks