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Healthwatch Cumbria Board Meetings To Be Held In Public

Helen Horne , Chair of Healthwatch Cumbria is pleased to announce that all future Healthwatch Cumbria Board meetings will be held in public. All Board members agreed that if members of the public are interested in the business of the Board they would be welcome to attend and observe the meetings.

Furthermore the Board has agreed that if people wish to ask a question about Healthwatch Cumbria they would be able to do so by submitting this in writing to the Chair on the day and in advance of the meeting. Question forms will be available at the venue. Submitted questions will be addressed at the beginning of the meeting by the Board and members of the public will also be able to ask further questions about the business discussed during the meeting at the end of proceedings.

The independent Board makes strategic decisions about Healthwatch Cumbria and is responsible for making sure that all financial and operational activity of the organisation is in line with this strategic framework.

Helen Horne, Chair of Healthwatch Cumbria said: “I pleased with the real progress that Healthwatch Cumbria is making. We are listening to thousands of people’s experiences and making sure that these experiences are heard by decision makers. Our board is working hard to make sure we use the resources we have to best effect and I am happy to welcome members of the public to attend our meetings and raise any questions that they may have.”

David Blacklock Chief Executive said ” The time now feels right to open up all of our Board meetings to the public. Our Board has a difficult job to do to make sure it uses all of its recourses well and prioritises work. We welcome questions and comments that people may have as these help us to reflect on the decisions the board makes”.