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Handing on the Legacy

On the 25th March 2012 David Blacklock – Chief Executive of Healthwatch Cumbria and his team were invited by the Governing Body of Cumbria Link to a Legacy Handover Event.
The event was hosted by Alan Alexander- Chair of Cumbria Link, during which we saw the handing over of a great deal of information, learning and on-going issues that Cumbria Link had worked on over the past 5 years.
Cumbria LINk was an independent organisation that gave the people of Cumbria an opportunity to have their say about local health and social care services.
Cumbria LINk also performed statutory functions to monitor and review services commissioned and provided in Cumbria.
David presented all Governing Body members with gifts to thank them for their tireless work and dedication they had given to improving the services of those living in Cumbria.
David wanted to acknowledge how hard all the Link volunteers had worked and how pleased he was to be “picking up the gauntlet”.
The Heathwatch team who were also present then gave a bouquet of flowers to Jane McFarlane, manager of Cumbria Link, as a token of their appreciation for her efforts.
“We are very lucky to be picking up the legacy of such a dedicated and experienced group of individuals. Link have worked tirelessly and I hope that my team and I at Healthwatch Cumbria can continue to build on the work that has been done.
I am determined to ensure that the public and patient voice is heard, taken into account and fundamental in all decisions taken around service development “ – David Blacklock, CEO Healthwatch Cumbria.