Healthwatch Cumbria Flu Jab Survey 2017

Have you had a flu jab this year ?

How would you rate your experience?

Was it good, or could it have been better?

Healthwatch Cumbria would like to hear your experience, please take a minute to complete our short survey.

Background to our survey

Influenza vaccination uptake among adults aged 65 years was 70.5%, and among clinically at risk individuals between the ages of six months and sixty five was 48.6% in the winter season 2016 – 2017[1].

Effective methods of identifying and communicating with eligible patients are associated with significantly higher rates of flu vaccination[2].

Healthwatch Cumbria hope to make a positive contribution to flu vaccination rates within the county by comparing the experiences of patients with the strategies of GP surgeries and pharmacies to;

  • identify barriers to flu vaccination uptake
  • to identify areas of best practice.

The survey will close at 10 p.m on Friday 22nd of December and the findings will be published on our website.

[1] Source: Public Health England report: ‘Seasonal influenza vaccination uptake in GP patients: winter season 2016-2017

[2] Dexter et al. 2012: doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2011-000851