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Diabetes UK – Furness group

Having the right care is essential for the wellbeing of all people with diabetes. There is a minimum level of healthcare that every person with diabetes deserves and should expect. Discuss these 15 essential checks and services with your diabetes healthcare team to ensure you are receiving the care you should be.
1  Get your blood glucose levels measured at least once a year
2  Have your blood pressure measured at least once a year
3  Have your blood fats (cholesterol) measured every year
4  Have your eyes screened every year
5  Have your feet checked annually
6  Have your kidney function monitored annually
7  Have your weight checked (and your waist measured to check if you need to lose weight)
8  Get support if you are a smoker
9  Receive care planning to meet your individual needs
10 Attend a diabetes education course
11 Receive specialist paediatric care if you are a child or young person
12 Receive high quality care if admitted to hospital
13 Get information and specialist care if you plan to have a baby
14 See specialist diabetes healthcare professionals
15 Get emotional and psychological support

If you live in Furness, maybe you would be interested in attending the Diabetes UK Furness Area Group. These take place 7pm – 9pm at the Forum in Barrow in Furness (the second Wednesday of every month).  For more information about the  meetings – please contact Suzanne on 01229 837427 / 07966987536 or Iain Bain (Chairperson) 01229 812627 / 07801099694