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Cumbria’s dietetics department recognised as forward thinking at House of Lords

At a recent event in the House of Lords, the Dietetic department run by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) was recognised as forward thinking.

It was hosted by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) to celebrate Dietitians Week and Helen Fraser-Mayall, Team Lead of the Nutrition and Dietetic Department for CPFT was invited in her role as the BDA media spokesperson. She said:

“I thought it would be a good idea to share examples of the Nutrition Support resources that the CPFT dietetic department have developed. These were met with a very positive reaction from other attendees.”

Food First lead spokesperson said: “Cumbria Dietetic Department seems very forward thinking, especially as many of these valuable resources have been developed by the teams Dietetic Assistant.”

Helen said: “These resources were produced for patients at risk of malnutrition which affects over three million people in the UK. People suffering from malnutrition may experience increased risk of infection, delayed recovery from illness, tiredness, depression and self-neglect. Using the Nutrition Support booklets helps patients achieve a high calorie nutritious diet and helps improve general well-being.”

Helen added: “Dietitians week is all about raising awareness of the profession and the diverse roles dietitians play in the NHS, including clinical, research and education. The event highlighted that dietitians should celebrate achievements on health nationally due to the impact the profession has on helping reducing the length of stay in hospital and the prevention of admissions. Dietitians are highly competent at team working, excellent leaders and innovators in nutrition which helps to reduce clinical time and in Cumbria particularly, this has helped to reduce waiting times.”

The function was hosted by the Honorary President of the British Dietetics Association Lord Balfe in an attempt to make the House of Lords more accessible rather than locked away.

Helen said she related to this explaining:

“Living and working in rural Cumbria, as at times we can feel locked away working in a small unique team which covers both community and acute with an ever increasing workload. “Unlike some of the larger Health Professional groups, Dietetics has a much smaller voice and often our impact on patient care can go unnoticed because of that.’
The British Dietetic profession will be 80 years old next year of which the Queen is the patron

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