Cumbria County Council response to Healthwatch Cumbria Report on Services for People with Learning Difficulties

Healthwatch Cumbria (HWC) has recently published a report on the experiences of those with learning difficulties across Cumbria. This project included the voices of those commissioning services, those providing services, family and carers, and people with learning difficulties.

As a result ‘Everyone has a Voice – What does a good life look like? – was developed to specifically explore those experiences.

The responses gathered from the participants were frank and to the point, particularly from the people with learning difficulties highlighting both positive and negative issues they encountered in their day to day lives.

The underlying theme was that many felt they had insufficient choices and control over their own lives, with over a third of those spoken to feeling that they needed better support overall, and access to training and employment opportunities.

Healthwatch Cumbria has now received a letter from the Executive Director of the People Directorate, John Macilwraith, which outlines the Council’s committment to addressing some of the key messages from the Healthwatch report.

Cumbria County Council letter