Large numbers of people value the CHoC (Cumbria Health on Call) out of hours service

HWC carried out an independent engagement project to record recent CHoC service user experience from September to November 2016. This resulted in 1,676 responses. The project was developed collaboratively with CHoC and used a survey which was jointly devised.

Overall these responses painted a very positive picture of patient experience of the CHoC service and many instances of good practice were highlighted as well as some suggestions for service improvement. Respondents were particularly enthusiastic about the high level of care and attention they received from the staff and they appreciated the reassurance of knowing the out of hours service was there and provided speedy access to health care when it was required.

David Blacklock, Chief Executive of HWC, said “it’s clear that CHoC is providing a high quality service which is valued by large numbers of patients. I’d like to congratulate the CHoC Board, leaders and staff on this report which clearly demonstrates that their hard work is making a real difference when people need it the most”. He added “This has been a great example of a very collaborative project which has also had the benefit of the HWC independent approach to exploring customer experience”.

Professor Shirley  Reveley, Chair of CHoC said  “CHoC is delighted to have received such a positive report for HWC about patient experiences of the service. We continually strive to provide a service for people that ensures their needs are met by providing consistent, high quality care at the right time and in the right place. This independent survey by HWC is testament to the fact that our vision is being realised in practice and we will use the results of the survey to further enhance the service we offer”.

You can read a copy of the report here.