Changes to Services in Alston, Maryport and Keswick

To ensure high standards of care for patients across Cumbria, temporary minor changes to the services provided from Alston, Maryport and Keswick Hospital will take place during November.

To sustain staffing levels on in-patient units across the County, the opening hours for Minor Injuries Units have been reduced, however normal service is due to be resumed by the end of the month.

In West Cumbria the Minor Injuries Units (MIU) in both Keswick and Maryport will have reduced opening hours.  The units will close during the evenings– which are historically the quietest times for the units.  This will allow those staff to be redeployed to other inpatient units to ensure staffing levels can be maintained and is a temporary measure while the Partnership Trust undergo a recruitment drive.

The Keswick MIU will be open Monday to Sunday between 07.30am and 9.00pm.

If a member of the public requires a minor injuries unit out of these hours they are able to access Penrith minor injuries unit which is open 24 hours a day every day of the week. (Penrith Hospital, Bridge Lane Penrith Cumbria CA11 8HX).  Normal hours are expected to resume at the end of November.

Maryport MIU will be open between 1pm and 9pm Monday to Friday. Patients needing treatment for minor injuries between 08.30 and 1pm on weekdays will need to attend the GP surgery which is located next to the current Minor Injuries Unit.   On Saturdays and Sundays the Maryport Minor Injuries Unit will be open between 08.30am and 4.30pm.

If you are in Maryport and require help at the weekends between 4.30pm and 9pm you are advised to call the ward on 01900 812643 and you will be advised of the most appropriate service to meet your needs.

Due to on-going building work at Alston Community Hospital , Cumbria Partnership Trust has taken the decision to temporarily suspend admissions onto the in-patient ward until November 18. The two current in-patients at Alston have been moved to Penrith hospital. Staff from Alston will support the staff at Penrith to ensure up to 24 beds at Penrith hospital can be safely utilised. Patients who would normally be admitted to the in-patient ward at Alston will be admitted into Penrith.

This temporary change will also mean that minor injuries at Alston will not be open after 9pm over this two week period however the community team and other services will continue as normal.

Andy Roach, Director of Operations said: “Our priority is to ensure that our inpatient units have a full complement of staff and so we have taken the decision to redeploy staff on a temporary basis from areas that have low numbers of patients attending.  We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and I would like to reassure the community that the service will be resumed when staffing levels improve.”

A spokesperson for NHS Cumbria CCG said: “It is with regret that these very difficult decisions have had to be made, reducing the hours of services for a limited period, however this has been done to ensure a safe environment for inpatients and staff.

“NHS Cumbria CCG is working with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to address staffing issues to ensure normal services are resumed as safely and quickly as possible.”