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Calls To Put Disabled Bays Outside Millom Surgery

A busy doctors’ surgery in Millom is at the centre of a row over disabled parking spaces after a request from disability campaigners.

Members of South Copeland Disability Group, based in Millom Network Centre, have raised concerns about a lack of disabled parking around Waterloo House Surgery in Wellington Street.

Parking bays line the street but the area has no dedicated disabled bays, and the group has accused Cumbria County Council of “dragging its feet” over the issue.

Secretary of SCDG, Noel “Rocky” Moore, said: “The council’s highways department says it has had an objection but they won’t tell us what it is or who has objected.

“We had a meeting with someone from the council’s highways department and that seemed to be it, there had been no progress.

“When we first raised the idea somebody from the council came down and had a look, and he said he didn’t think there would be a problem.”

Mr Moore says disabled people have been left struggling to walk down to the surgery from where they are forced to park.

Millom town councillor, Reg Heathcote, said: “That surgery does get busy, especially in the morning. Quite often you can’t get near it.”

Mr Moore said: “The only other option is to park on double yellow lines, as we can legally do with the blue badge, but that creates a blockage and wagons and cars struggle to get past. The doctors are all with us on this.”

The group is also requesting that an extra place in Market Square become disabled only parking, to avoid confusion as two disabled spaces and one normal space are separated from the rest by a statue.

A spokesman for Cumbria County Council said: “We are investigating the possibility of introducing disabled parking bays near the doctors’ surgery in Millom and will be discussing possible options with South Copeland Disability Forum in the near future.

“Parking bays were found to be readily available both outside the surgery and nearby when the site was previously assessed by the council, but we are considering this issue again following a request from the forum.”