Healthwatch Cumbria is an independent organisation set up to champion the views of patients and social care users in Cumbria, with the goal of making services better and improving health and wellbeing.

Our Main Roles

  • provide free information to help people navigate health and social care services and understand the choices available
  • gather and provide information on the quality of services in Cumbria – holding those services to account and bringing issues that need a national response to the attention of Healthwatch England
  • promote better and more joined-up services for patients and social care users in Cumbria
  • help people to find ways to improve their personal health and wellbeing

Latest Tweets

  • Just had a great meeting with all of our new casual staff - looking forward to working with you all-we have some great experience and skills

  • We are speaking about engagement at the Royal College of Surgeons conference on- STPs planning for a place-based future

  • Heading to the Success Regime Programme Board today, any messages you'd like us to try and share?

  • Work For Us | People First Cumbria. Community Development Worker and Fundraising Officer closing date 15th July…

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